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Instarea’s Market Locator comes to Czechia

After the success of Instarea‘s telco big-data-driven advertising platform – Market Locator that has been running in Slovakia for a number of years, it is now available to customers in Czechia. Small and medium-sized companies can now set up highly targeted SMS campaigns using an easy-to-use web app just the way it’s been used by customers in Slovakia. In addition to campaigns, Market Locator also provides analytical information, such as the geographic location of the target group.

Initially, Market Locator is working with the biggest Czech providers O2 and T-Mobile and other providers will follow in the near future.

Instarea’s Market Locator works with the three largest providers in Slovakia and is used by more than 2000 different brands including the likes of Adidas and Shell. In Slovakia, telcos saw ROI from data monetization well within the 1st year and we believe we can replicate this success in the Czech Republic.

David Lazar

CMO at Instarea

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