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1. Data collection

Data rich industries such as telcos or banks have vast amounts of valuable customer data.

voice calls device info web logs payment behaviour geo positioning app usage
2. Data security

Data pseudonymization, anonymization and aggregation are essential to ensure strict compliance with data and privacy protection regulation

3. Data processing

Combine multi-industry big data for advanced analytics and valuable business opportunities.

External Data monetization

Build a new business on your big data

You have lots of interesting & valuable customer data? Are you looking for ways to build new services and generate new revenue from this data? Provide self service population analytics and targeted marketing to third parties as a service.

Explore Market Locator
Big revenue from your big data

Launch a self-service offering for your business customers to generate new revenue with Market Locator.

Targeted Marketing Population analytics
Internal data monetization

Grow your business on internal data

You have lots of customers interacting with you through multiple channels? Do you need to increase customer satisfaction, ARPU and reduce churn? Put your data to work internally.

Explore Adalytics
Real-time interaction driven marketing

Apply big data to your customer relationship and make a shift to real-time, 1:1 personalized, omni-channel communication with Adalytics.

Event driven markting Omni-channel insight

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Success stories

Market leaders trust Instarea when monetizing their data

3 years ago in 2014 Slovak Telekom was searching for a data monetization approach and strategy.

After thorough research and a selection process we decided to implement the Market Locator solution from Instarea, which allows the processing of telco data in a secure way, their anonymization, aggregation and visualization in a self-care web application. This has enabled us to re-sell “residual” telco data to external B2B companies.

Market Locator is the only solution we found which provides both Data Monetization and Mobile Advertisement capabilities in one single solution, so that our B2B clients are also able to send SMS/Email/MMS messages to our retail customers from the same application. They can target the customer audience precisely in real-time, based on our data. With Market Locator we have brought a very interesting product to our B2B customers, and also managed to acquire new customers who were attracted by this new and unique offering of Slovak Telekom. We achieved a ROI in the 1st year, and managed to meet the business case.

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