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Why are we attending the Telco AI Summit in Kuala Lumpur?

If you are wondering what to do on July 3-4, we might have a suggestion. Come to Malaysia to attend the Telco AI Summit organized by the Informa group. The conference will bring together people from the telco community from the wider APAC region. We believe AI and big data are the technologies of the future and so we certainly won’t miss this opportunity.

The conference will help identify AI and big data opportunities for telco operators within and without the region. These opportunities can help build new innovative services, streamline business processes and bring new value to big data by external monetization. There will be a number of early implementation AI case studies from telcos that will serve as an inspiration on how data analytics and AI can be used.

Learn about our experience

Our Business Development Director @Matej Misik, will be there as a speaker because we, at Instarea, have a lot to share about big data monetization.  Matej will deliver a presentation on: “Road to external monetization for Deutsche Telekom, Orange, and O2“.

In our experience, the potential for profit is great and often largely unfulfilled. In Matej’s presentation, you can learn specifically about our experience with external big data monetization from central Europe. Telco data, in particular, have an unparalleled value for:

  • Population Analytics / Location Intelligence
  • Targeted marketing as a service
  • Risk scoring & validation APIs

Matej will also share some know-how from our unique experience. We have piloted our signature platform on an entire market in Slovakia. We have managed to connect all three major telcos in Slovakia into our platform. While navigating a post-GDPR world, we are provably able to integrate and launch our platform in under six months and we can help deliver positive ROI in under one year.

That is, however, not all. The future of big data lies in speed, which is why we are currently developing a GPU enabled data processing solution. We have big plans and even though it is still not fully developed it is already the fastest GPU database, working with complex polygons, in the world.

What else is there to see

Right before Matej’s presentation, there will be a panel discussion on: Unlocking opportunities from big data and AI in a core telco environment. Speakers in this panel will be professionals with telco and business consulting backgrounds and we very much expect it to be exceptionally informative. We certainly won’t miss this panel.

The next day, we have high expectations from the panel discussion on: Stepping outside of the traditional telecoms ‘comfort zone’ to pick the low hanging fruit of external data monetization. We are particularly interested in the tips on the financial services sector. One of our newer products (FinTel scoring platform through APIs) is in this particular sector.

Come to say hello

If you’ll be also attending, do not hesitate to approach us. We can talk about our experience with external big data monetization in the Middle East or Europe.

Note, as a sponsor of the conference we have a couple of spare tickets, so if you are interested in attending, you can contact Matej at matej.misik@instarea.com and we might just give you one.

If you won’t be able to attend follow us on twitter @instarealife, where we’ll be posting highlights and updates from the conference.

Martin Brezina

Business development associate @ Instarea

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