Smart City Solutions

This tool is designed for municipalities who need to efficiently communicate with inhabitants, aid search & rescue to send alerts and get better insights about people counts in specific areas and people’s socio-demographic characteristics.

For telcos it is an interesting big data monetization opportunity with significant public good aspect. Using telco data has a distinct advantage. Unlike sending alerts to a proprietary list of phone numbers, the telco big data driven solution can target groups of people based on various attributes that the operators stores.

Emergency alerts

Big data can help save lives. An sms in the case of a disaster can make a difference. Instarea’s tested and proven solution has the capability to contact people who are in a stricken or unsafe area in real-time.

Amber alerts

If a person goes missing a targeted notification to all people in the area can bring fruitful information and simplify the work of police.

Lost and found

If something of value went missing, police or public sector officials can send a notification to everyone in the vicinity of the area.

Community notifications

Public sector officials or municipalities can let people in a selected area know about planned changes and limitations as well as upcoming community events.

Population reports

Our Location Analytics can help provide a report on spatial distribution of people in a threatened area and even real-time movement monitoring. This is useful for croed management and emergency response planning.

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Privacy and data security

Even when using data for security purposes, there is no need to invade someone’s privacy. Personal information never gets used, only statistical location information and demographic meta data to target the people who might be affected.

Data Visualization for location intelligence

With comprehensible interactive maps and reports, almost everyone can get the insights about their city. This means that the city council doesn’t have to employ data scientist to generate a location report or notify citizens about a natural disaster.

Multi data provider capability

With smart city solutions, it’s best to have the coverage of the entire city. You can get high-quality insights using data from multiple mobile network operators, banks as well as proprietary custom data-sets and combining them in Instarea’s solution.

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