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External big data monetization

Population analytics and mobile marketing as a service

Market Locator, powered by DingoDot software, allows data rich industries to monetize a highly valuable asset – their data. A telco can thus create a new revenue stream by providing its anonymized and aggregated big data in the form of a self service population analytics and mobile marketing solution for their B2B customers.

Tested and proven on several markets with world-class telcos such as Slovak Telekom (Deutsche Telekom Group), Orange or O2. Delivered either on a partnership basis or license fee model. Get the most out of your data!

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1st data monetization opportunity

Targeted mobile marketing

Monetize the channels you have available. Providing a new service to B2B customers and by delivering relevant content to your retail customers. In this self service tool your B2B customers will be able to:

1. Precisely target on the map
(By location, socio-demographic characteristics, browsing behavior or any other data you have)
2. Choose from multiple delivery channels
(Built-in campaign editors for SMS, MMS, email, billboards, digital OOH or apps with ability to send to own lists as well)
3. Measure the effectiveness of campaigns
(Extensive campaign reports with open-rates, click-rates from built-in link shortened, consumption of unique codes)
2nd data monetization opportunity

Population analytics

Provide over-the-counter insight into population movements so that your B2B customers can make decisions based on hard-data, not gut feelings. B2B use cases include:

1. Branch placement
How many people live or work in a certain area, what is their age distribution, when are they there?
2. Habitual analysis
How many people travel abroad, to how many countries, where do people spend the weekend?
3. Media profiling
How are channels being watched, what are the regional differences, what is the browsing behavior?
3rd data monetization opportunity

Smart cities & smart government

Municipalities and governments are keen to make decisions based on data. Few industries are better positioned than telco to provide this insight.

1. Location insights
Understand & combine data about parking availability with actual numbers of people sleeping in an area. Understand the age distribution...
2. Origination analytics
Commuter patters and their understanding help optimize public transport or plan infrastructure and development.
3. Crowd management
Organization of major public events requires a real-time and predictive understanding of the movement of crowds on large areas.
How to use data

Why it works

Privacy and data security Unique algorithms for pseudonymizing, anonymizing and aggregating data so that no sensitive information leaves the partners infrastructure

Customer consent Customer consent and it’s management are at the core of Market Locator. Ensuring customer trust and legal compliance are essential to every data monetization activity.

A partnership approach Not just a software delivery, rather a true partnership between a telco and Market Locator. We are a committed partner from integration, through go to market to end customer happiness.

Identification, gathering & enrichment of data

A telco or bank generates loads of structured, semi-structured or unstructured data. It is essential to identify what is feasible to gather and how to do so.

Data security & privacy

Ensure maximum data security and pseudonymize, anonymize & aggregate data (strict compliance with data and personal privacy within GDPR is essential).

Build a business with your data in Market Locator

Provide your anonymized & aggregated data for advanced analytics on population behavior to enable smart cities, target audiences & deliver population insights through the Market Locator self service solution.

Success stories

Data monetization case studies

Slovak Telekom, member of the Deutsche Telekom Group, has been a leading partner in the development of big data monetization and an early adopter of Market Locator in early 2015.

Apart from offering it’s B2B client base a brand new service for targeted marketing Slovak Telekom was able to start providing invaluable insight into population behavior for the public good. Not only great PR, but substantial new revenue from big data monetization.

It took Orange Slovakia less than 6 months to start monetizing it’s vast customer data in Market Locator.

The anonymized and aggregated data provides businesses with insight into where to place a shop and with the opportunity to reach out to prospective customers when they are close by.

O2 Slovakia extended it’s targeted marketing offering with Market Locator.

The self-service approach of Market Locator allows it to service also the long-tail small customers. They register on their own, purchase everything with a credit card, prepare and execute their campaigns. Empowering small businesses is part of O2’s strategy.

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