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Telecom Expense Management software solution

Callinspector is a sophisticated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution with built-in web-based split-billing capabilities. Callinspector allows telecom service providers to unlock a yet untapped, new revenue stream with a new and unique service. This provides for a new service providing increased value to retail and corporate clients.

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Corporate Telco Expense Management

Telecom expense management made easy

Cost transparency and cost effectiveness

  • Provide end-users and their managers with cost insight across all devices (both landline and mobile), and enable managers to control the costs of their reports
  • Provide early warning on negative trends

Cost re-allocation

  • Cost accounting and split among cost-centers
  • Identify private calls and obtain reimbursement from employees

Unified location for telco services

  • Internal portal with company-wide phonebook master data
  • Ordering, workflow and registry of hardware and services
  • Reporting and analytical tool for cost optimization
  • Dispute handling for billing errors and non-compliance with contractually agreed terms
  • Automatic optimization of rate plans based on real usage
Unlock revenue streams

Split billing

Every employee at our corporate customers lives in a ”split” world as the telco services they use are devided between private and corporate use.

The ability to appropriately split telco invoices between employees and employers is key to unlocking new value and revenue streams in existing customer portfolios.

Split-billing can be sold to customers as an additional paid service, that provides advanced functionality, or free-of-charge services with basic functionality. The free version provides a glimpse of additional paid service and offers a seamless upgrade to the paid version.

Offer more

Active up-sell & cross-sell

Sell services to families of company employees by offering better rates than those typically available on the retail market, or offer a second SIM card to employees with company rate plans on the company VPN network. Charge employees for these additional services with split-billing.

Integrate Callinspector with campaign management and provide next-best-offers, use the possibility of service up-selling either at the employee level or at the manager level, responsible for costs in a particular cost center

How to use data

How it works

1. Uploading your invoices is quick & easy Upload the electronic invoices of all your company cell phones and fixed lines into Callinspector. Your operator provides these upon request, often free of charge. Callinspector - Telco Expense Management (TEM) processes a wide variety of invoice types from major service providers.

2. Let the engine do the work: involve your users Callinspector's intelligent self-learning mechanism will consolidate and analyze your invoices using a number of business rules and previously remembered call patterns to identify potential savings and suggest optimizations. Actively involve telco service end-users and managers in a spending revision process using a streamlined workflow.

3. Understand your spending: monitor & optimize Callinspector - Telco Expense Management gives you and your users a comprehensive overview of usage. Reports reveal areas for potential savings on telecom services, and suggest optimization options for particular items. Users of various levels are provided with deep insight, reports, ad'hoc analytical services, spending statistic dashboards, and much more.

Success stories

Happy Callinspector customers

The Best solution for reduction of Telco operating costs

Instarea delivered ENEL (Slovenské elektrárne – Slovak electric) a functionally complex Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution based on the Callinspector platform, which allowed the full automatization of the processes related to management and active telecommunication costs reduction. The solution has been fully integrated with all our internal systems and runs on a user-friendly web interface used by thousands of users within our company. Callinspector delivered a ROI within the first year of use and helped us achieve a significant reduction in telecom expenses.

Messer Tatragas case study

Our employees formerly received printed phone invoices with transaction details on a monthly basis, and manually highlighted their private transactions and calls. Marked calls were deducted from their salary, however commonly due to limited control and high time effort associated with this process, only insignificant amounts were re-charged. The simplicity of Callinspector’s Telecom Expense Management user interface allowed us to launch this project simply by importing our company address book, and by distributing a Callinspector user manual to our employees. We were able to launch the project within one month and started observing Telco cost savings immediately.

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