Omni-channel insight and event-driven marketing

It’s a multi-channel world where customers interact with companies in a multitude of online and offline ways. Due to this the tracking of interactions and centralized history management is a must.

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Understand your customers

Track customer interactions

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Optimize customer acquisition

Understand how you acquire new customers, how you create online marketing and what works best to bring together your company and your customers.

Optimize the first-time experience of your customers

When a new customer visits your web site for the first time or calls your call center for the first time a crucial bond is formed. With Adalytics you will be able to analyze where and how you lose potential customers to be able to boost conversion rates.

A/B Testing of web pages and offers

A/B Test campaigns you send, different versions of web pages you deploy or various flows in your shop you design. Base your assumptions on real date in a very simple form.

React to customers

Event based campaigning

Create campaigns based on specific events of specific customers in the offline or online world. These can be of a multitude of channels – email, SMS, push notifications or web hooks. Never again miss the correct opportunity to interact.

Cross-channel campaign management

Powerful drag & drop campaign creation with web layers, A/B Testing and extensive evaluation

A.I. Powered recommendations

Adalytics makes it easy to choose the Next Best Action for your customers and evaluate the effectiveness.

White papers

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Read our white paper on how your company can be up & running with advanced customer interaction analysis & event-driven campaiging in less that 2 weeks. Empower business & marketing with the insights that till now had to be obtained with extensive IT involvement.

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Success stories

Next gen marketing from telco to banking

A mayor CEE telco applied Adalytics to boost its share of online sales.

Based on previous behavior of prospects and customers Adalytics marketing automation was applied to provide custom promotion banners on the homepage to drive sales. Abandoned shopping carts where followed up in real-time by the call center. This resulted in a 126% boost in online sales.

An innovative CEE bank enhanced the customer journey with Adalytics.

Based on the behavior of customers online and in the bank’s mobile application custom information emails where provided to help on-board new customers. An Adalytics implemented Facebook Messenger chatbot was able to provide customers with common information from the comfort of the Messenger.

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