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Bratislava population mobility map

Population mobility analysis for Bratislava.

There are many great examples of the use of big data that benefits the society. One of the current examples is the population mobility analysis for Bratislava – capital city of Slovakia.

Instarea in collaboration with the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava processed data from SIM cards from the three largest mobile operators (Slovak Telekom, Orange Slovakia and O2 Slovakia) in order to understand spatial mobility in the capital. The selected data represents normal behavior during the year, (not during holidays).

Where in the city do people work💼 and where do they sleep😴? These are the areas with predominant typical day and typical night locations.

Bratislava population analysis map


What time of day do commuters arrive⏱🚗 and when do the locals leave during the day?

Commuter times in Bratislava Bar Chart

The daily rhythm 🌇 of the city visualized with an animation.


Daily rhythm of Bratislava

Even though the analysis shows the city in its entirety, when you focus on a particular part you can find many details in the data.

Car maker VW is one of the largest employers in Slovakia. 🚗🚗 SIM cards from entire Bratislava area commute to the plant but some locations are more significant. Many of the dark squares are VW company accommodation sites 🏘.

VW accommodation in Bratislava

The data was prepared for the section of spatial planning and with its help the city will have a better overview of what are the busiest times, which city districts have the most commuters, how does the daily rhythm of the city look like and many others. Interesting output from the study including charts and maps will be released by the city and available to the public.

This analysis validates the use of telecommunication telco data for understanding the population mobility in the city and therefore can be applied to other cities. Several Slovak cities have shown interest in a similar study in 2020.

It is great to see that municipality-level decision-making based on hard data is starting to take shape in Slovakia.

David Lazar

CMO at Instarea

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