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New update for our Market Locator platform.

Our telco data analytics & SMS marketing platform Market Locator is constantly being developed at Instarea. This platform is deployed in multiple countries at various telcos so these updates make life easier for a lot of users. Here are the latest changes that were pushed out on Friday:

New provider in LBS channel
A small step for Orange Slovakia but big step for you. With new provider in LBS channel you can target much more people and message them your special promotion in the selected area.

Locate your target population (new type of report)
With new type of report you can locate where is your target population located. Simply choose type of adress which you are intrested in (basic, weekend, sleep, work) and filter people by their various attributes from different layers. Yes you’re right it works like campaign editor but now you have information not only about count of people which fits your attributes but you can explore their location in the area. Please contact our support team if you are interested.

Map legend is showing number of people in the grid
We can agree that color scheme in the map is pretty intuitive (the darker the color is – the higher population density in the area), but if you ever been eager to know how many people are in the area you can now easily explore with this new feature. Simply move your mouse pointer at the legend color segment you are interested in and see the result as well as coverage area of each tile (it differs by zoom level).

Animated layer (explore daily rhythm of area)
This animated layer allows you to explore daily rhytm of your selected area. E.g. you want to establish shop branch aimed at special age/gender group – with animated layer you can find where your target population is present during the day. Please contact our support team if you are interested.

Customer layers tab enhancements
Not satisfied with datalayer you already generated? No problem, you can edit existing own datalayer, change name, filtering attributes, visualisations etc.

One-click change of precision filter in LBS campaigns 

Share campaign report with your business partner/client
Share great results of your campaign with your colleagues or forward it to your client. Manage its availability in your profile and share it with the world.

Own list campaign setting improvement
Lost in your datasets? See them all while setting a new own list campaign and pick as many as you need. Small hint: number of lines in each dataset could be helpful too.

Other small enhancements and bug fixing

David Lazar

CMO at Instarea

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