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How to make the most of the data monetization?

Conducting business with anonymised data does not necessarily need to be complicated. Basically, finding a proper partner will suffice. The operator of the Crowdspector system also has experience with companies of the size of telecom operators. The entire process is, therefore, maximally effective and „painless“.

The market with anonymised mass data is, of course, very similar to classic markets in its essence – there exists a large supply (providing data) and even larger demand (entities interested in outputs of the population analysis or targeted marketing).

The character of anonymised data, however, also requires something else – a mediator who is able to aptly connect anonymised data from various sources and then provide the right outputs to the right entities. Vizualisation of such data is by no means an easy task but there is no other way how to unlock their real potential. The basis is constituted by a comprehensible and simple combination of a number of resources, vizualisation and interpretation.

The mediator plays one more essential role. He must create the environment for processing and selling of data from various providers and ensure fair distribution of the system profits among data providers on the basis of their „credit“. The more detailed and used a provider`s data are, the bigger „share of the cake“ he will gain.

Why actually telecom providers?

Telecom providers have at their disposal a very interesting and detailed data package about their own customers. When data about individual customers are merged and anonymised, one can obtain a very valuable statistical data set. As a commodity for the aforentioned market with anonymised data.

Data as such, however, only have partial value in the basic form. It is just a type of the raw material, which must be used by an experienced partner and transformed into the final product suitable for sale. In fact, this is the role of Crowdspector.

There is nothing, of course, which prevents data providers from consuming data from the system once they have been processed, provided that they can find the way how to utilise them. Analyses enriched with data of other providers or by providers from other locations can also prove to be valuable to them during further expansion of their own businesses.

Matej Misik

Director Business Development at Instarea. Experienced data monetization consultant. Holds a MSc degree in Economics from the Tilburg University and a BA degree from the WU Wien.

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