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Understanding spatial distribution of people, their socio-demographic profile or their travel habits has proven useful for many business and public sector clients. Instarea offers a unique platform, driven by anonymized big data that enables telcos and banks to monetize their data for location intelligence and population analytics. Instarea’s user friendly interface enables almost everyone to use big data for valuable analytics, not just data scientists. Our tool makes it possible to:

  • track commute patterns
  • incoming tourism
  • billboard campaign reach
  • popularity of certain stores.

This tool comes with a number of filters out of the box, such as socio-demographic distribution or footfall. It’s also customizable and it is possible to import customers’ proprietary data-sets, merge with our map our map and generate original reports, difficult to obtain elsewhere.

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Branch placement

How many people live or work in a certain area, what is their age distribution, when are they there? Insights into the physical world from telco big data.

Travel habit analysis

How many people travel abroad, to how many countries, where do people spend the weekend? We all carry our phones with us or make payments with our debit-cards - leaving a geo-location path.

Smart city solution

What are the numbers of people currently on the move or what are the commute patterns? How can we notify people in an area in real-time that a storm is headed their way? How do we overlay data from air quality IoT sensors with population data?

What is behind the scenes? Discuss with Instarea

Privacy and data security

Unique algorithms for pseudonymizing, anonymizing and aggregating data so that sensitive information never leaves the telco’s infrastructure thanks to the unique two-level security architecture.

Data Visualization for location intelligence

Making sense of the data with interactive maps and AI generated reports. These include data dashboards and graphs, polygonal heat-maps or points of interests with custom data to tell the story in an easy to understand language. Provide insights as a service to many B2B/B2G customers, not just data scientists.

Multi data provider capability

Unlock value by combining multiple data sources. There is an immense potential to gather high-quality insights using a number of data layers from (multiple) mobile network operators, banks as well as proprietary custom data-sets.

B2B customer relationship automation

Allows the B2B customers to register, create self-service analyses, manage billing on their own or order custom insights from your data science department which can be in turn served and billed in the platform. In short - the one-stop-shop for all things external data monetization.

Data quality suite

Make sure that the data you’re analyzing is giving you precise results. Data Quality suite enables network testing and calibration to deliver exact location intelligence.

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