Location-based communication

Contact people in a selected area

Our LBS (location based communication) tool allows users to select a location (geo-fence) and contact people within the selected area in near-real-time. The selection of people can be refined by additional targeting criteria:

  • Age
  • Travel habits
  • Time-frame when present at location

The LBS tool is able to sift through a telco’s entire signalling stream (hundreds of thousands of events per second) and pick out those events relevant for a currently running campaign. This can either lead to a mobile network marketing campaign or to the internal event driven CMS, improving customer experience. Both these options enable mobile network operators to monetize data safely, without the breach of privacy.

Easy like 1-2-3

Choose a location

On a map define the location where the recipient will get your message. You can target your store or that of a competitor, conference hall, public gathering or the area where you just rolled out a new service.

Add your filters

Choose your target group so only people who might be interested in your offering would be reached out to. You can filter by age, gender or even travel history. Apply include / exclude lists.

Let Market Locator’s CMS do the rest

Market Locator’s CMS handles an approval process, contact policy, consent management, the monitoring / filtering of the stream coming from signalling, all the way to sending the campaign to SMSC or other channel.

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Real-time LBS Engine

This allows a real-time spatial tracking of people present in a selected area. By analyzing the changes over time we can provide useful insights for our customers and significant big data monetization potential for mobile network operators. This module allows also to directly contact the target audience.

Campaign manager

Create & execute SMS, MMS, app-push or email campaigns based on various parameters, to your entire customer base, all based on your data. Our self-service Platform offers a simple integration of communication channels for internal use or external resale where you can get revenue from campaigns sent by 3rd parties.

Intuitive front-end

Powerful, yet intuitive web-based UI for creating analysis, defining campaigns and managing internal as well as external accounts. So that the right people have access to the right data layers, are billed properly and communications approved where needed.

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