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Bratislava, Ul. 29. Augusta

Help us bring big data to the masses within the Instarea Labs and co-create our Market Locator solution as it goes global. Work on a solution used by thousands of businesses to help them make data driven decisions and execute seamless campaigns to acquire new customers. You will be responsible for creating insightful knowledge locked away in the big data of telcos or banks worldwide. An opportunity to dwell in data very few have access to.

What we are looking for:

We are still a compact company and thus the impact of each and every one of us is felt thorughout the company all the way to our users and customers. That is why we need you if this description is what you meet in the mirror every morning 🙂

  • Drive
  • Lust for new experiences and adventure
  • Integrity
  • Possitive attitude
  • Willingness to go that extra mile
  • A need to leave a clear footprint

What you can expect from us

  • Young but experienced team building a global technology company, marketing agency and big data laboratory
  • Extensive international exposure
  • Cool office in the heart of Bratislava, with chilled atmosphere
  • Plentiful opportunities to indulge in awesome big data
  • Full support for your ideas from the development team and access to cool tools
  • Your work will be used by thousands of business customers in Slovakia and around the world
  • The obvious: a competitive salary and great equipment

What you will be driving:

So you say you are ambitious? Well tell us what you would like to be driving and how you want to make an impact on our company & our customers. Thats your first challenge!


Instarea is a “laboratory” for innovative greenfield ideas within the international Adastra group with focus on internal and external data monetization. Their latest creation is the Market Locator big data monetisation solution which brings together the worlds of population analytics & targeted marketing in one simple web based solution. Instarea also focuses on the interactions between a company & it’s clients. Their Adalytics omni-channel event hub is growing fast in popularity among telcos & banks, which place emphasis on their client satisfaction. Wanna discover more? Explore the Instarea Life.

Are you interested in joining us?

Shoot me an email at career@instarea.com and drop by for an Aperol spritz on our terrace.
Looking forward to seeing you!

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How your path to Instarea will unfold?

  1. We will get back to you in the next few days
  2. We will extend an invitation for a chat on our terrace
  3. The fun & games then continue with a special hands-on challenge to show your might
  4. If we love each other an offer is extended and a warm welcome follows
Team leader - Matej Misik

Director Business Development at Instarea. Experienced data monetization consultant. Holds a MSc degree in Economics from the Tilburg University and a BA degree from the WU Wien.

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