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Fresh ideas from academia

Fresh ideas from academia.
At qikkDB we are always looking for think-outside-of-box ideas. That’s why we cooperate with universities which are full of creative, young and determined people who are not afraid of new things.

This is how qikkDB was created. We started prototyping new SQL database accelerated by GPU (graphic cards) with a mixed team from Instarea and talented students from Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of STU (Slovak University of Technology). Soon we had the very first prototype providing ultra-fast responses to simple SQL queries and it was just beginning as students felt an ultimate challenge in providing the fastest solution in the world. After one year we released alpha version for testing which is according to our benchmarks much faster than standard relational and columnar databases and even faster than another GPU databases.

Recently, we have been in touch with Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology STU. We provided a lecture for master’s degree students about fast and efficient processing of big data in standard databases and more interestingly using GPU. An inspirational discussion followed and this is what we are looking for.

We have also been running a new innovative project that brings fast qikkDB and artificial intelligence (AI) together. We cooperate with another group of students thinking out-of-the box about a novel research problem. We are looking forward to sharing our results during the first half of the next year.

David Lazar

CMO at Instarea

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