Fintel Scoring APIs

Banks, consumer finance companies or various e-commerce companies rely on one way or another to assess an unknown customer’s risk prior to granting them a loan, providing an installment sale etc.

A telco is in a unique position to assist these institutions in making the optimal risk - return decision. Upon getting consent from such a potential customer, the financial institution can call the platform’s scoring API to retrieve a risk score or validate the potential customer’s details.

Validating a credit seeker’s risk score

Typical credit registers often miss important behavioral data about customers without a credit history. This is where a telco can provide invaluable assistance to help assess the risk of a client.

Checking the validity of provided contact information

Correct contact and contract information are vital for a smooth delivery and payment. An e-commerce or consumer finance can use an API call to a telco to confirm the information provided.

Building a data monetization suite

A central data monetization suite manages the customers’ information (billing, access, support, etc.). From this single point, customers can buy data insights, campaigns or access to APIs for risk scoring or fraud detection.

Modules Discuss with Instarea

API key management

Allows a clear & secure way to grant API keys to specific companies directly in platform without accessing the telecoms infrastructure directly.

FinTel scoring model

Risk score model utilizing telco transactional, behavioral & payment data to model a customers risk propensity. This can advise other entities (banks, consumer finance, e-commerce) about rates / services they can responsibly provide to a customer.

API billing

Overview for end-customer how many times the API was called and for what cost, ability to enable / disable API, set custom prices, ability to set limits on the number of API calls / customer / month. Receipt / invoice management and online payment capability.

API extensions: Submit campaign, get location intelligence

Utilize the API framework to provide 3rd party entities with the ability to send messages from their own systems, submit campaigns or retrieve location intelligence data over API.

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