Crime Investigation

Big data for solving crimes

Instarea can offer a secure web-based solution in which investigators, officials or city planners can view useful and relevant visualizations. These can be maps, reports or dashboards informing them about the population's demography, movement of people and other relevant statistical and individual information about their suspects or criminal groups.

We offer an option to create custom-made individual insights. These insights would be prepared by the data science team on the back-end and delivered to relevant stakeholders.

Cooperation with authorities and public sector offers a largely untapped monetization potential for corporate big data of any sort. Banks or mobile network operators can this way achieve the “triple bottom line” of people, planet and profits.

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Real time Crowd monitoring

Telco big data can provide valuable insights into crowd movement and inform crowd management by real-time monitoring of events or locations.

Link analysis of user relationships

Based on a common interaction between users Instarea is able to analyze and visualize a network of people and relations between them.

Custom data science for crime investigation

A custom analysis could be prepared on the raw data through the back-end and provided to investigators or officials on the front-end.

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