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Covid-19 Data Story – automatically updated

News about Covid-19 changes every day and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Most experts even recommend limiting the amount of Covid-19 related news you consume each day. It’s important to stay informed however and we like to do that by looking at the data to get the worldwide view of the problem.

We haven’t been idle in quarantine. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve pushed our prototype data storytelling tool TellStory to the limit to be able to get a beta Covid-19 data story live. It explains what the current situation around the world is by showing you the charts you might have seen in other reports but also interesting automatically generated facts such as the country that has been making best progress in recoveries from the virus. The story draws data from JHU and other sources and gets updates every day, so the facts about different countries will keep changing.

For now you will have the best reading experience on a Desktop computer.

Check out the Covid-19 Data Story

David Lazar

CMO at Instarea

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