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Relocation & remote working schemes

1. Relocation package

Instarea is launching a new relocation programme which is designed to help new employees who currently don’t live in Bratislava to make it attractive and easy to make the move to a different city. Instarea headquarters is in the heart of the city which makes it easy to get to work on a bicycle or public transport. There are also great restaurants in the area, making every lunch a enjoyable experience. Instarea will cover several costs associated with services that will make the application process and your move to a new city a pleasant experience.

Who is this for

People with 1-2 years of relevant experience

How do we help during application process

  • Remote first interview via phone or video call so you don’t have to spend time travelling for the initial interview
  • Flexible time for the second in-person interview that fits your travel arrangements.
  • If you require accommodation for the interview we reimburse the costs once a contract is signed.

How do we help after you get the job

  • If successful you get accomodation in a hotel for free for the first month. This will give you plenty of time to look for your new place.
  • Once ready to move we will cover the cost of a van rental so that you can move your belongings easily.
  • If you’re moving with your family we provide help finding a suitable school/nursery
  • In line with our philosophy we will help you enjoy Bratislava, be it by showing you great places to do sports, eat, hang-out and meet new people.

If moving to Bratislava sounds less daunting with these benefits don’t hesitate to get in touch career@instarea.com

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2. Distributed team

Working from your hometown done right

Working remotely means working from a place close to your family or a place where you are happy. It is a place where you are the most productive and that is why Instarea offers an opportunity to work from home. Anyone can work from home and we have a system to ensure everything is going smoothly

Communication is king

With working from home you get a lot less face-to-face time, that’s why written communication is very important. We use slack for short messages and email when you have more to say. This is why you also have to be comfortable with written communication online. Sometimes when you just need face-to-face time, phone and video calls work wonders.

Company meetups

Even though working from home is productive it’s still essential to meet in person with the people you’re working with from time to time. That’s why we have a day at the headquarters once a week. During this day you meet your coworkers, socialize and sort the tougher tasks that your colleagues can help with.
We cover the travel costs (upon agreement 😉) and can be flexible so you can make it work with your travel plans. For example a later start or earlier finish so that you can catch your train.

You will be part of the team

Being part of the Instarea team has its benefits and you’ll have the opportunities to socialise with the rest of the team during company events. We do amazing ski trips in the Alps, have holiday villas in the mediterranean for the summer and many more cool activities in between.

We have all of this so that our employees can achieve the perfect work life balance. If you think working with Instarea from your home town would be a good fit for you, please get in touch career@instarea.com

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