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Big data monetization opportunities – Market Locator Population Analytics & Targeted Marketing

Imagine you are a telco company with a lot of data and you are looking for big data monetization opportunities. You can take the data, aggregate them, anonymize them, and then provide this information to 3rd party businesses such as coffee shops, retail stores, banks, or any other company. Now they can see, visualized on a map, where different categories of people live, work or spend time. Customers can then use a filter based on several attributes, such as how reliably they pay their bills, whether they use iPhone or Android phone or whether and where they travel abroad. Based on this info the business customers can simply, with the click of a button, send a direct marketing campaign to such individuals – via SMS, location based push, email or an app push.

Market Locator is a big data driven monetization and marketing platform. It brings the capabilities of Google Analytics (understanding who & where my customers are and how they behave in the online world) and Google Adwords (targeted online communication based on data from Analytics) from the online world into the brick & mortar world. In doing so it creates a unique opportunity for data rich companies to improve their internal applications, bring a brand new product or boost revenues.

Market Locator key facts


  • Unique offering for B2B: self-service, web-based data monetization platform – 4 months after launch in Slovak Telekom (Deutsche Telekom Group) already 600+ B2B users and growing strongly
  • Data monetization platform: simple possibility to resale anonymized data  – creating a new revenue stream.
  • Marketing platform: simple integration of communication channels (such as SMS) for internal as well as external resale purposes – revenue from the resale of data + more effective internal campaigning
  • Ideally suited for data rich industries

Data Monetization Platform


  • Allows the anonymization and aggregation into a legally and ethically acceptable form so that these can be utilized by external customers
  • Compliant with GDPR and strict EU data laws
  • Provides B2B customers with the possibility to purchase access to the data of the company in a simple web-based tool
    • Location analytics (what sort of people spend time in a certain location, where to open a new store branch)
    • Real-time data streaming of anonymized statistical data to B2B customers for data enrichment

Multi-criteria hard data visualized on heat-maps

Marketing Platform


  • External use – provide B2B customers with an effective tool for targeted marketing (based on user attributes, location based marketing, multi-channel marketing). Just as the customers are used to marketing online world, provide them with the same capabilities in the offline world.
  • Internal use – typical internal campaigning is performed in a highly centralised fashion. Market Locator allows you to delegate local marketing to local managers who know their customers best as well as the sales needs and possibilities.

Self-service campaign preview

The ideal customer


The solution is best suited for companies with vast numbers of clients about whom they have rich information and the ability to communicate with them. Such industries typically are telco companies, banks, insurance, heath-care or massive retail enterprises.


Business proposition


The implementation in these industries is well within a 6-month scope, in the case of telco companies within a 3-month scope. Cost impact for the customer is limited with a license based model determined by the profit potential. Thanks to the standardized technology the CAPEX costs are generally very low, depending on the existing data infrastructure. The self-service model we provide also allows for small OPEX when compared to the profit potential. Benchmark figures can be presented on real implementation by Slovak Telekom (Deutsche Telekom Group), O2 and Orange in Slovakia, O2 and T-Mobile in Czechia or STC in Saudi Arabia.
In a typified country w/ e.g. 20 mio inhabitants, where a telco would have 5 mio customers (with more than a half of whom would provide a marketing consent) Market Locator presents an opportunity in excess of 7 mio EUR revenue annually.
You can find more information about Market Locator on our web page. Market Locator is built on top of our Crowdspector software – more info here. Should you have any further questions I will be happy to have a call with you, possibly run you through a demo of the solution.
Matej Misik

Director Business Development at Instarea. Experienced data monetization consultant. Holds a MSc degree in Economics from the Tilburg University and a BA degree from the WU Wien.

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