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Robot with AI in store

Artificial intelligence is helping in retail already

Adastra and Instarea, data companies with global reach have shown how can Big Data be really used. Either for useful artificial intelligence in retail, direct source of income or insight into how to become a “smart” company. The past and present were merged as the conference Digital Business & AI. From buzzwords to real world solutions took place in the historic Schlosshof Castle on April 11, 2018.

Instarea Adastra AI Data Monetization Symposium Schlosshof

The sunny spring weather in the beautiful environment welcomed guests and the positive atmosphere was present throughout the entire event dedicated to networking of AI (Artificial Intelligence) ​​experts, data scientists and clients from retail, telecommunication and finance companies from Germany, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The series of presentations focused on the understanding and sharing of case studies using artificial intelligence in physical retail or online sales. The Mascot of the conference – Pepper the humanoid robot – has shown that machine learning, based on a huge amount of data, can bring real business value in the form of efficiency gains, successful customer service and, of course, cost savings.

People arriving to AI data monetization symposium by Adastra & Instarea

Wow & reach the customer

One thing is to provide unique service to customers who visit a store or an e-shop, make a purchase, and then return. But the target group needs to be identified and reached as well, And it must be done at the right time and in the right place. That’s why the second part of the conference focused on how to use big data, how to monetize them and how to to generate population analyses to identify potential customers in time and space.

An interactive spontaneous atmosphere has inspired us all as we experienced the reality of retail business – how can artificial intelligence and large data be implemented today to differentiate companies from competition and be the first and most successful.

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David Lazar

CMO at Instarea

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