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Analyzing telco location data

Knowledge of where people live and work, as well as their daily movement throughout an area, are key inputs for addressing diverse needs in spatial planning, public administration or traffic management.

Traditional data from the national census are insufficient to capture the daily spatial dynamics of the population. At present, the work or private activities of the population are not so tied to one place as it was in the past, and the places of official permanent residence, place of actual residence and places of work are increasingly different from each other.

Room for new data

Population movement is becoming more diverse and irregular. People don’t always follow the same routine – to and from work. In this context, it is now possible to use accurate and reliable spatial mobility data from telecommunications providers that we at Instarea process to give better insights into how a city lives and breathes.

We’ve delivered various analyzes for state institutions, and our previous work is now available for download, including the methodology. For now the documents are in Slovak.

Analysis of location data from mobile operators in the Bratislava and Trnava regions.

The most extensive mapping of mobility in the Bratislava and Trnava regions. Analysis of daily spatial mobility using passive location data of the mobile network in the Bratislava and Trnava regions. Developed for the Integrated Transport System in the Bratislava Region.

Download (in Slovak)

Daily spatial mobility in Bratislava using location data from the mobile network

Market Locator, in cooperation with Comenius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, processed data from SIM cards in order to learn about spatial mobility in the capital. This study was prepared for the Bratislava city council and financed with as grant from the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

Download (in Slovak)

Analysis of incoming tourism in Slovakia in 2016 using telco data

With the development of sharing economy and the growth of individually organized stays, traditional surveys and reports of recreation facilities no longer reflect the real state of tourism in Slovakia. The Ministry of Transport and Construction was looking for a way to realize a view of domestic tourism and obtain objective data for its further development.

Download (in Slovak)

Download methodology for telco data geo analytics (in Slovak).

David Lazar

CMO at Instarea

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