Big pool of talent

The key to achieving our ambitions are the people involved, people with passion who we trust and respect. A combined knowledge worth over a hundred years among our data scientists, consultants, engineers, managers, marketing experts, designers and support team. Join Instarea to become part of this family

Instarea family

The Team

Martin Zahumensky - Chief Executive Officer

Martin Zahumensky

Chief Executive Officer

Martin is one of the co-founders of Instarea, driving the company’s strategic heading towards a global brand. Martin brings extensive experience from major IT consultancy companies with complex projects in telco or banking.

Peter Fusek - Chief Operating Officer

Peter Fusek

Chief Operating Officer

Peter is responsible for Instarea’s operations and sales and is one of the co-founders. With more than 10 years in the financial & banking industry he has the acumen to build a team of brilliant people.

Peter Capkovic - Chief Technology Officer

Peter Capkovic

Chief Technology Officer

Peter is the technical grandmaster at Instarea and also a co-founder. No technology being too new or too complex for Peter he makes Instarea’s products excell together with his dev team.

Matej Misik

Matej Misik

Director Business Development

Matej with his data monetization consulting & implementation experience heads the business development team, helping clients bring valuable solutions to the market.

David Lazar

David Lazar

Chief Marketing Officer

David heads the creative team at Instarea. He brings digital media experience, ready to create new content and oversee the user experience of our products.

Eliska Dzurnakova

Eliska Dzurnakova

Business Development at Elysium

Eliska is reponsible for Elysium, the IoT division at Instarea. She is keen to create the people-less company of the future that empowers people to do what they love and leave the rest to technology.

Peter Kratky

Peter Kratky

Senior Developer

Peter is responsible for the development of qikkDB, the world's fastest database. With PhD in computer science, he brings his extensive knowledge of to speed up big data analytics.

Michal Suran

Michal Suran

Country Manager at Market Locator

Michal heads the Market Locator team, putting Instarea technology to work with the 5 main telco providers in Czechia and Slovakia, providing Data analytics for the public sector and SMS marketing for various businesses.

Peter Barlik

Peter Barlik

Data Scientist

Peter is the lead data scientist at Instarea, where he also oversees the product side of Market Locator - big data monetization platform. Peter holds a PhD. in Geography and has multiple population analyses under his belt.

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