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The key to achieving our ambitions are the people involved, people with passion who we trust and respect. A combined knowledge worth over a hundred years among our data scientists, consultants, engineers, managers, marketing experts, designers and support team. Join Instarea to become part of this family

Partnering is born we started at 3 people

We started life in 2007 as Partnering - a banking consultancy. Still today we hold our focus and values of fair relationships between business partners as our initial name indicated.

The story of the original logo in the words of Peter Fusek “Do you know the crop-circle phenomena? That if you wished for and concentrated on some drawing it would appear somewhere in the world? Well, I was thinking about a logo for my business Partnering which would be a symbol of a fair relationship between business partners... A couple days later I found this.

Callinspector – TEM goes live we are 6 people

In 2008 we pivoted more towards the telco industry and launched our Callinspector worldclass solution for telco expense management.

Adastra Partnering – we become part of the Adastra Group we started at 12 people

In 2014 to help us grow we become part of the Toronto based Adastra Group – an international information management company with over 1200 experts.

Market Locator Big data monetization we started at 15 people

With a stronger team & deep knowledge of telco data we start developing new concepts in data monetization and create Market Locator which we launch with Slovak Telekom in late 2014.

instarea yesterday
instarea today
Instarea – in a year of change a new brand is launched

On our path ad astra (latin: into the starts) in 2017 we launch our new brand Instarea. The new brand underlines our year of change & takes us into the stars and onto the global market with new projects in CEE and the Middle East.

The thrusting phase – moving fast forward

Instarea is one of the fastest growing companies in the CEE with years of doubling revenue.

25+ motivated young people

Wanna join us? We are looking forward to meeting you, just check out our open positions

New office, new design, new challenges

CEZAAR awarded architects from GRAU design our new & extended office in the heart of Bratislava as it grows to over 300m2.

Staying focused on big data monetization

Today we focus on big data monetization – both external with Market Locator & internal with Adalytics or Callinspector.

A future driven by data

We envision a future driven by data at the core of all decisions. Thanks to big data we hope to live in a safer, smarter and healthier environment.

Instarea will play a strong role in the shaping of this vision.

A global attitude

Having proven our approach & our solutions in Central & Eastern Europe we have the knowledge & confidence to push for the global market. We are developing opportunities in Europe, Africa, Middle East, North & South America.

A growing community

Confident about our leadership attitude and that of our team we look forward to growing our team with the best talent and brainpower to drive our vision of the future. Join us today!

instarea tomorrow

The Big Three

Martin Zahumensky - Chief Executive Officer

Martin Zahumensky

Chief Executive Officer

Martin is one of the co-founders of Instarea, driving the company’s strategic heading towards a global brand. Martin brings extensive experience from major IT consultancy companies with complex projects in telco or banking.

Peter Fusek - Chief Operating Officer

Peter Fusek

Chief Operating Officer

Peter is responsible for Instarea’s operations and sales and is one of the co-founders. With more than 10 years in the financial & banking industry he has the acumen to build a team of brilliant people.

Peter Capkovic - Chief Technology Officer

Peter Capkovic

Chief Technology Officer

Peter is the technical grandmaster at Instarea and also a co-founder. No technology being too new or too complex for Peter he makes Instarea’s products excell together with his dev team.

We are proud that our hard work gets recognized