3rd-party Marketing

Build a new business on your big data

Instarea’s 3rd party Marketing tool allows telcos to monetize a highly valuable asset – their data. A telco can thus create a new revenue stream by providing its anonymized and aggregated big data in the form of precisely targeted marketing solutions for B2B customers using various channels:

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Email
  • DOOH
  • App-push

Our modest claim to fame is our self-service platform. All the marketing capabilities of our Platform can be handled by end customers themselves. The whole process is straightforward and allows customers to independently launch their campaign. It gives telcos a light-weight solution - an easy way to manage thousands of B2B customer and bring home profit.

Easy like 1-2-3

Precisely target on the map

B2B customers can on their own target by location, socio-demographic characteristics, browsing behavior or any other data you have and decide to make available for analytics & marketing.

Choose from multiple delivery channels

Built-in campaign editors for SMS, MMS, email, billboards, digital OOH or apps with ability to send to own contact lists as well. Each campaign submitted by a B2B customer can be subject to approval by you.

Measure the effectiveness of campaigns

Extensive campaign reports with open-rates, click-rates using built-in link shortener with the Magic Link feature that show you which people actually click on the messages so you can optimize your target audience.

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Privacy and data security

Unique algorithms for pseudonymizing, anonymizing and aggregating data so that sensitive information never leaves the telco’s infrastructure thanks to the unique two-level security architecture.

Recipient consent

Customer consent and it’s management are at the core of the Platform. Ensuring customer trust and legal compliance are essential to every data monetization activity. Additionally campaigns are approved and are subject to a configurable contact policy.

B2B customer relationship automation

Allows the B2B customers to register, create self-service analyses, manage billing on their own or order custom insights from your data science department which can be in turn served and billed in the platform. In short - the one-stop-shop for all things external data monetization.

Campaign management

Our campaign management module selects to whom a campaign is to be chosen taking into account contact policy & consents. It then connects to your various channels to deliver the message to the correct person over the chosen channel.

Case study

In 2014 Slovak Telekom was searching for a data monetization approach and strategy

After thorough research and a selection process we decided to implement 3rd party Marketing solution from Instarea, which enables the processing of telco data in a secure way, their anonymization, aggregation and visualization works in a self-care web application. This has enabled us to re-sell “residual” telco data to external B2B companies.

This 3rd party marketing solution enables our B2B clients to send SMS/Email/MMS messages to our retail customers from the web app. They can target the customer audience precisely in real-time, based on our data. With Market Locator we have brought a very interesting product to our B2B customers, and also managed to acquire new customers who were attracted by this new and unique offering of Slovak Telekom. We achieved a ROI in the 1st year, and managed to meet the business case.

Jozef Sirotňák Business Manager - Slovak Telekom

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